Holon Institute of technology

[Israel] Holon Institute of technology
מכון טכנולוגי חולון

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Province/State: Tel Aviv District cities: Holon properties: an unknown school year: 1969 number: 3600
China’s Ministry of education certification: uncertified
Official website: www.hit.AC.il
Holon Institute of technology is Israel a tertiary institution, founded in 1969, is located in Israel, Holon, Tel Aviv District. Holon Institute of technology, teaching science, engineering, applied mathematics, instructional technology, design, and technology management. Holon Institute of technology first in Israel accredited bachelor’s-granting University. Holon Institute of technology may be awarded a Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, the main professional: industrial design, interior design, Visual communication design, applied mathematics, computer science, electrical and electronics engineering, technology, management, and so on.

Living expenses: 33600-42000 Israel shekels per year for RMB:54385-67981 Yuan/school year

Address: HIT Holon Institute of Technology 52 Golomb Street, POB 305 Holon 5810201
Email: President-office@hit.AC.il
Phone: 972-3-5026501
Fax: 972-3-5026501